Fat Shaming – Societal Pressure and Absurdity.


ÔÇ£Do you workout? You look SO much better!ÔÇØ


We live in a generation of fat shaming where people like me have started to take anti-fat bias remarks as a part of casual conversation. This society has been led to criticize obese people for their weight while hoping to motivate them. Let you on a secret, it doesn’t. It’s rather discriminating and tormenting.



Every “What do you eat?”

And every “You should join a gym now”

Every “Do I look fat?

Why is “you look fat” understood in terms of “You look bad”. Why can’t you be fat and beautiful?┬áYou need to know; the┬áopposite of fat isn’t beautiful. Fat isn’t ugly. It’s just a shape and a size.┬á

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Most┬áPlusSize girls nowadays are the target of these body terrorists. We have let negativity surround us. This social stigma that has been attached to the term “fat” is both disconcerting and prejudiced. The prejudice that causes stress and anxiety. What’s more absurd than making someone feel uncomfortable in their own skin?┬á

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We have led ourselves to believe these acrid remarks are too trivial; the┬áidea┬áto confront is too ÔÇÿout thereÔÇÖ, and every day, it grows like a parasite underneath the skin. These incidents subtly pile up until they┬áseem┬ácompletely benign.

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Here’s how fat shaming contributes to additional difficulties of overweight individuals:

1. They get conscious about their body that trails to Psychological effects.

2. Increased anxiety and depression that comes with intentional and unintentional bullying.

3. Stress Eating is another aetiology where a person overeats under stress, they then feel bad about weight gain, which makes them even more stressed.

4. Overweight people often tend to keep themselves aloof from society due to the paucity of confidence.

5.┬áBody Dysmorphia is another strain induced due to lack of self-admiration and a feeling fostered around “I am not good enough”┬á

There needs to be an understanding of “fit and fat” to avoid the expression of despondency festering all over. This may seem an intensively hyped comment, however, research suggests that incidents of weight-based discrimination have increased drastically in these few decades. People are objectified due to weight-related blots as compared to other stigmas, such as sexual minorities, and mental illnesses.┬á

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Below I have compiled a list of all the offensive phrases that suggest you are a body terrorist:

1. That dress would look amazing on someone skinny.

2. Your eating patterns are disgusting, ick!

3. You’d look so pretty if you lose some weight.

4. Do I look fat?

5. You should start a gym routine.

A note to overweight individuals:

There will be days when you will challenge yourself to stand in a place thatÔÇÖs free of judgment. Be proud┬áof who you are. And acknowledge your body the same way you expect people to accept you. Let go of whatever judgment you have of yourself and your body, and focus on greater, more important things that matter.┬á

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