Internet and Your Health:

internet addiction disorder


Can you imagine your day without internet? I am sure it is gonna be a big NO!


A single day without internet seems impossible, isnÔÇÖt? Well for most of us internet has become the way of living, unknowingly and willingly we are becoming slaves to the modern technologies.

This virtual treasure has undoubtedly made our lives much easier by having instant access to information and news all the time. But this incredibly amazing invention has its flaws. The Internet can have various harmful impacts on your lives, especially our health.

Do you often experience headaches, backaches, anxiety problem and depression? Do you spend your night in counting stars and wondering which color will suit your ceiling?┬á Questioning whatÔÇÖs wrong? Your precious phone, a laptop might be the reason!

Above symptoms are the side-effects of spending too much time on the internet. Internet addiction, also known as internet addiction disorder, has become our reality.

We need to understand the adverse effects of internet usage on our health. In this blog, we have come up with the modern day health troubles caused due to internet addiction and how to deal with them. So, scroll down to know more:

  1. Weight gain


If you are in a working hub that demands you to spend hours in front of laptops, overuse of internet or phones than trust me that is going to take you towards a sedentary lifestyle. Such a lifestyle often leads to a lack of desire to get up and eat or take your meals on time.



Hence, we end up eating chips, chocolate, cookie, juices or some other unhealthy foods which result in weight gain. In todays era, age is never a factor when it comes to internet usage if you dont know how to surf the internet; you are the most boring creature on this planet. Even kids prefer watching videos and lullaby on the phone over outdoor games which usually leads to obesity and makes them more susceptible to diseases. Weight gain and obesity can be key to various health problems like heart disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, osteoarthritis, breathing problems etc. So, take a second from your schedule, open your cupboard take your weighing machine and check your weight first


  1. Computer Vision Syndrome


These days, many of us have jobs that require us to stare at computer screens for hours, but several hours of nonstop glaring at the screen can be really harmful as it can put a real strain on your eyes. These eye problems caused due to the usage of computers scientifically falls under heading computer vision syndrome.


A person suffering through this syndrome has symptoms like a whole range of eye strain, pain, dryness and itchiness. Research shows that between 50% and 90% of people who work at a computer screen have at least some symptoms.

Working adults aren’t the only ones who are affected; in fact, kids who stare at tablets or use computers during the day at school can have issues, too, especially if the lighting and their posture are less than ideal. If you want to get rid of eye bags, dark circles, dryness, it is advisable to take a break from your desktop after every half-an ÔÇôhour.

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

If youÔÇÖre feeling numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hand, consider asking your doctor to check you for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is caused due to pressure on the median nerve in the hand. Poor postures and the lack of breaks while working can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.



DonÔÇÖt allow your work to take over your health, take small breaks and engage in conversations with people around you, this will make your work interesting and healthy.

  1. Anxiety and depression

According to researches sitting for hours in front of the computer or using the internet on your phone leads to an increased risk of depression and anxiety. We usually spend most of the time spent on the internet and letting our life to pass on. No doubt internet is of great use but let us not forget to connect with the people around us.



Golden hours with your favorite people along with the sip of Kashmiri noon chai can be really magical.

  1. Headaches


It’s hard to imagine life without a computer. Whether it’s our constant need to check email, the hours we spend surfing the Internet, or a quest to master a video game, we need to have an internet and computer.





Along with information and entertainment, computers have brought a headache too. Wondering How? Sitting in front of the computer exposes our eyes to the harmful light that leads to ocular motor dysfunction which further leads to health problems such as a headache, drowsiness, blurred vision etc.

Symptoms of internet addiction

What are the symptoms of internet addiction? How do you know if you are a victim of internet addiction syndrome? Here is a list of some of the common symptoms of internet addiction:

  • Spending less time with family and friends
  • Losing interest in hobbies or other activities
  • The feeling of anxiety or depression
  • The constant need to use your phone or laptop
  • Angry or defensive reaction (especially when someone comments on your behaviour)
  • Frequent migraine headaches

Time to draw some frontiers:

ItÔÇÖs time to limit your internet usage and pay attention towards your health, as it’s your health that matters. We have come up with some simple steps that you can include in your day to break the shackles of internet addiction:

  • Set a limit on the screen time
  • Take frequent breaks while working
  • Turn off your internet device before going to bed
  • Indulge in some hobby
  • Spend more time with family
  • Go for walks and enjoy the beauty of nature

The Internet is a blessing; do not let it turn into a wicked clemency, it is your health that matters most


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