Anxiety and Pregnancy …

Anxiety and Pregnancy

A few months ago, you were excited to see your pregnancy report positive. Now are you feeling worried at every curl and turn ? Well! That is something very wrong. ItÔÇÖs a feeling you just canÔÇÖt shake, and it can affect your everyday life. IsnÔÇÖt pregnancy supposed to be a time of joy? But pregnancy brings in many physiological and psychological changes in a woman.

Most of the times you can suffer from anxiety, it can be complicated. You need to be prepared for certain unforeseen circumstances, but the trick is to know how to keep yourself free from some unwanted worries. In this blog hereÔÇÖs more about anxiety during pregnancy and some ways you can cope:

Anxiety during the pregnancy

During pregnancy, there can be hormonal changes in your body that may affect chemicals in your brain, which are the main cause of anxiety. If you are feeling same, donÔÇÖt panic, after all not everything that makes you feel anxious is under your control. So take a deep breath and relax.


Its ok if you are a bit nervous as some degree of worry is natural during pregnancy. You should not worry about it as this experience is entirely new for you. But donÔÇÖt give your worries such a big room that they will interfere with your daily routine. This can lead to anxiety, there are symptoms

  • worrying excessively about things, especially your health or baby
  • Inability to concentrate
  • feeling irritable or agitated
  • having tense muscles
  • sleeping poorly
  • feeling an uncontrollable sense of anxiousness

Seldom, spells of anxiety may lead to panic attacks. These attacks may start very suddenly with the symptoms above and progress. Here are few symptoms of a panic attack:

  • feeling like you cannot breathe
  • feeling like youÔÇÖre going crazy
  • feeling like something awful may happen

Anxiety and its impact on your Baby:

Your family and friends may have told you that you should not worry as this can be harmful to your baby. Well, their suggestion comes from the good room, as high levels of anxiety during pregnancy are associated with a risk of developing conditions like preeclampsia, premature birth, and low birth weight. So, for the well-being of your baby say goodbye to anxiety and be happy.

Ways for coping with anxiety during pregnancy:

  1. You Should Talk

If you are having any symptom of anxiety and youÔÇÖre feeling anxious, it is advisable to talk about it.┬á By this people will be able to provide support to you. You can also go to a counselor, who is trained to help with anxiety. DonÔÇÖt hassle yourself; things are going back to normal soon.


  1. Find a relief

To lower your anxiety, engage yourself in physical activities that can keep you busy. Physical activities usually help your body release endorphins, which act like natural painkillers in your brain. Moving your body is one of the most recommended ways to manage stress. You can go for walk or do exercise, to live stress-free phase of your pregnancy.

Simply, do what you love! Always speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine during pregnancy.

3.Write about it

During pregnancy it is a common feeling, you may not like to talk but you need someplace for your inner thoughts. Try to write a diary or journal, where you can share your feelings without fear of judgment.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you organize or prioritize your worries.

  1. Empower yourself

Tokophobia is the fear of childbirth.┬á If your anxiety is associated with childbirth itself, it is good for you to join birth classes or take advice from your elders. To lower your fear, you can also have a chat with other mothers who may not be worried about similar things. So, donÔÇÖt worry and welcome your new baby with a happy mood.

  1. Talk to your Doc

If your anxiety is affecting your daily routine or you are getting frequent panic attacks  It is serious, call your doctor on an immediate basis. Sometimes it is clinical medicines that can help you to coop with this anxiety problem. You should never feel embarrassed about sharing your thoughts and feelings, especially if they concern you.

Anxiety during pregnancy is common. Keep the lines of communication open with the people you love, try some stress management techniques, and keep your doctor in the loop.

Be happy, youll be able to gain peace of mind for your health and the health of your growing baby. Good Luck, would be Mother





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