Health Benifits of Kashmiri Katira…

Health Benifits Of Katir _Tragacanth gum_

Is this summer hot enough for you? In Kashmir, heat waves arenÔÇÖt surprising during this summer but when ÔÇ£Mateh KulfeeÔÇØ melts before the first lick, you know itÔÇÖs hot! You can beat the scorching heat with a sip of Kashmiri Katira sharbat ÔÇ£GoondhÔÇØ as this magical drink is known to remove excessive heat from the body.




Katira or Tragacanth gum is the dried sap of the thorny shrub tragacanth. Besides beating the heat this colorless odorless and tasteless gum has numerous health and beauty benefits. Blink your eyes, scroll down and enjoy the benefits of your Kateer drink:




  1. Helps to treat Heart Stroke: Kateer is famous for its cooling property. kateer sharbat helps to cool down body temperature in the summer season. This, in turn, helps in preventing heart stroke. Keep your heart happy and healthy with Kateer Sharbat as happy heart lives long.
  2. Helps to treat constipation: Katira has purgative properties which are very helpful in treating constipation. It works as a laxative which stimulates or facilitates the evacuation of the bowels.
  3. Helps to cure urinary incontinence: If you are suffering from urinary incontinence add katira to your meal list. It can really help you in calming the urinary muscles in case of inflammation of urinary tract and blockage of urine.
  4. Helps to fight with face wrinkles: When it comes to beauty switch to kateera as it is very beneficial for your skin and helps you in enhancing beauty. It contains anti-aging properties and helps to delay wrinkles and fine lines. You can make an anti-ageing mask with goondh. Soak some goond in water overnight and strain it next morning. Now add 2 tablespoons of egg white, 1 tablespoon milk powder, 2 tablespoons almond powder and 1 tablespoon green vegetable powder to this goond katira water. Mix well till you have a smooth paste. Apply this mask on your face, neck and hands. Wash off after 20 minutes. Stay young, stay beautiful.
  5. Great for new Mothers: Are you feeling weak after delivering a baby? If yes than Gondh katira can help you in gaining the strength of your body so that you can face challenges of motherhood without any hassle. It also helps to control heavy blood flow during periods. Gond katira is very helpful during pregnancy. It is very beneficial for both mother and baby.

enefits-Of-Gond-Katira-(Tragacanth-Gum)Medicinal values of Katira   :


  • It is used for dressing burns. Paste prepared from kateera has a cooling effect which can help to reduce burning sensation.
  • Gond katira is also helpful in strengthening the immune system.
  • Katira is the best ayurvedic medicine to treat a cough and diarrhoea
  • Goondh also helps to cure mouth ulcers.
  • Katira is also said to be helpful in reducing tumours.
  • Gond katira possesses adaptogenic properties which increase the bodyÔÇÖs ability to restore its normal physiological functioning and protect it from the damaging effects of stress.
  • You can add Kateera to your protein shake as it contains large quantities of proteins and is very good for health.
  • It helps to regulate the heartbeat. Just soak some gond katira in water overnight and consume it in the morning to get a cooling effect.
  • Winter is coming, be prepared and keep stock of Kateera at your home as it can give a warming effect when added to sweets.

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