Healing From Depression.

Healing From Depression_

Gulshana lives in a four-room cemented house in an area of soura, locally known as ÔÇ£Anchaar. She is sitting in the corner room, lined with beautiful red carpets, where her husband, Rehman, is preparing medicine for her.

Gulshana is continuously talking to me as a normal being but it is visible she is struggling with thousands of thoughts inside her mind. A year back she was diagnosed with depression when her husband took her to a psychiatrist.

ÔÇ£Her behavior was weird; she used to weep without any reason. In fact many times she made suicidal attempts.ÔÇØ Says Rehman ÔÇ£She is on medication; we are trying to keep her happy and busy.ÔÇØ

Like Gulshana many people in the valley suffer from depression. ┬áAccording to MSF Reports Nearly 1.8 million adults, equaling 45 per cent of the ValleyÔÇÖs adult population, show significant symptoms of mental distress.

Now let us talk about depression in a detailed manner:

What is Depression?

DepressionDepression is a medical illness, where one feels down or low at a point in life. And if lows last for long periods it affects general functioning and behavior of the person, the person may be suffering from a depressive disorder.

One should be able to distinguish it from sadness or ÔÇ£the bluesÔÇØ, depression is a fairly common and legitimate medical illness.



Depression can be due to several causes. If a person had ever met to trauma in his childhood, there can be a chance of depression. The reason is that some events impact the way the body reacts to fear and stressful situations. Besides this, depression can be genetical. There are other reasons which are mentioned below:

  • Hereditary: Depression runs in families, which implies that there is an influence of particular genes that may render an individual vulnerable to the illness.
  • Brain structure: You brain structure can depict depression risk of your body. If the frontal lobe of your brain is less active, thereÔÇÖs a greater risk for depression.
  • Medical conditions: If you are already suffering from disease such as a chronic illness, insomnia, chronic pain, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than there can be a chance of depression as well. So, take care of your health.
  • Other personal problems: Such as social isolation due to other mental illnesses or being cast out of a family or social group can contribute to the risk of developing clinical depression.


The symptoms of depression include:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Physical pain
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Panic attacks
  • Relationship problems
  • Social isolation
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Self-mutilation

If you find yourself or loved ones suffering from these syndromes, kindly donÔÇÖt ignore. Seek medical help as soon as possible.



Living with depression is not easy at all; you need to give it time. Consult your doctor and follow medication in a proper way. Some of the ways to cure this mental illness are under:

Medications: Your psychiatrist can prescribe you anti-depressants, anti anxiety, or anti psychotic medications. Follow the dosage properly as high consumption can be worst for your health.

Psychotherapy:  Treatment truly depends on the stage of your depression. Most of the times along with medication, counseling sessions are done. This helps the patient to cope with negative feelings. Talking and sharing are the best methods to help depressed patients.

Exercise: If you are feeling depressed exercise is the best way to cope with the same. Give some healthy hours to your body. Exercise can increase your body’s production of endorphins, which are hormones that improve your mood. So workout is not bad at all

Avoid alcohol and drugs: Drinking or using drugs may let you live in the dreamy world. You can hear colors and see sound .But in the long run; these substances can worsen depression and anxiety symptoms. So, before taking these things think about your health first.

Take care of yourself: for a depressed patient, proper sleep and diet is a must. Make sure to take complete 8-hour sleep and a balanced diet. Besides this participate in enjoyable activities and keep yourself happy.




Depression can be temporary, or a long-term challenge. Stick with your doctorÔÇÖs suggested treatment plan and one day you will surely find a change.


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