Five Reasons Why Street Food is Unhealthy

In Kashmir Street foods are everywhere ÔÇô so common that they blend into the urban scene and are not really noticed.┬á They are available around shrines, offices, schools and downtown markets.┬á Kashmir is known for its yummy and delicious street food.

Some of the well counted mouthwatering street foods are NADER MONJE, TYIL KARRE, TOBRUK HALWE PORATH, MASALEH  TZHOT, SHANGRAM, CHAN CHABEEL, etc.

An outrageous must have for the calorie conscious and an absolute delight for the food lovers who are oblivious to calorie count; the street food here without a doubt is great!

But you might have heard about the ill impacts of deep-fried foods on your health. Be it a Nader monjeh or Teleh Kareh due to the high-calorie content they are actually worse for your health than you thought they were!

Kashmiri Street foodNo doubt these crispy crunchy snacks are yummilicious along with a cup of Noon Chai, but they can be the reason for your unhealthy heart and stomach. Scroll down to know why doctor always advises you to avoid these oily snacks:

Can be Carcinogenic: ┬áFrom Aaloo pakoras to Kashmiri Nader Monjeh, these foods are deep fried in oil which is used repeatedly for frying, often over a period of days. There are 2 problems with this. First, itÔÇÖs fried in oil which naturally has high saturated fat, since itÔÇÖs cheaper. Then, the oil is heated for days (as mentioned earlier). This process of heating oil for a long really increases the trans-fatty acid content in the food. These Trans fatty acids basically enter your bloodstream. Since the body cannot process them, they clog your arteries, which can even lead to cancers.

Kashmiri helve-paraathHigh Calorie Density: Health problems like obesity, cholesterol, fatty liver are very common in Kashmir and reason is eating many calories. It is found that that street snacks are very energy-dense (148-603kcal/100g) and trans-fat varies from 0.1 to 19.8g/100g.

Glucose spiking: Almost all the street foods are made up of maida. Which has a high glycemic index resulting in spiking your blood sugar, and promotes fat storage? Besides this, it can increase the risk of diabetes & heart disease in you.

street foodMicrobial Count: Last but not the least, the unhygienic handling of street foods, use of unsafe water and exposure to street pollution, are just a few of the things that increase the number of bacteria in the plate. In fact, sometimes these street foods are packed in newspapers and polythenes which can act as a microbial source for your body.

Kashmiri laala-shangramFilled with Sodium:  To increase shelf life, and flavour, street foods are loaded with  high concentration of salt. This high consumption of salt can lead to hypertension and even predispose to water retention.

So, be aware the next time you dig into street food! Eat healthy and live healthy


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